Day 3

Gahh. So this is for yesterday. and this morning. So I guess it’s for today.


1. Project 3 checkpoint for Compilers is delayed to the Monday after break 😀 So I don’t have to work on it this week at all.

2. OMG MORE SJM SONGS. ASFKLJASDFJASIOGASDF. SPAZZ. The song Jay Chou wrote is sooooo gooooood. <3.<3 Trying to transcribe lyrics is so hard though. I put it on LJ =x Also Henry’s solo, Off My Mind, is SO HOT. WHY IS HE SO HOT. I’m so glad they gave him a solo, but what about Mimi?


1. Power went out last night at 12:30AM when I was trying to sub the Sina interview D: I finished translating and was waiting to time and encode it. Dammit. And it was still out this morning so I woke up and was like, why is it so cold? Oh there’s no electricity…

2. Might not be able to go to Toronto if power does not come back up by the time we get home tonight.

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