20111125 KPop Masters Concert Day 1 Fan Account

For the rest, see artist sightings and red carpet.

My pictures: link

YouTube playlist for my fancams: link

I got into the arena around 7PM, and my seat was section A, row B, seat 1 (which is all the way to the right of the section and not the left, contrary to what I believed when I bought it D:), bought for approximately $324 from Ticketmaster. About 20 minutes before the concert started, the whole stadium began moving around because apparently the staff said people from the elevated sections could come down and fill the floor seats 😦 I didn’t know what was going on for a minute but as soon as people started invading my section I moved up to the front row, about the 4th seat, so I was really close to the stage.

1. YOSEOB. YOSEOB. HE’S SO ADORABLE IN REAL LIFE. Yoseob looked my way at 3:15 in Soom. Doojoon was acting very very cute: during Beautiful he looked our way quite a few times because the girl seated the closest to the stage had a huge Doojoon fan sign xD He gave them thumbs up B2ST were leaving the stage (check my video for the times). Dongwoon’s English is so good. Hyunseung’s dance moves were so smooth. Um Junhyung looked expressionless during the whole concert because he was wearing sunglasses LOL.

2. MBLAQ gave so much fan service on day 1! I remember EVERYONE doing stuff except G.O (who probably faced the other side of the stage more since he did the second day and I was on the other side): Mir and Seungho looked at me in Mona Lisa (check fancam) ❤ *swoons* my two biases. They were too adorable! Thunder smiled our way too. His English is UNF. Joon serenaded us for a while in Stay.

3. I didn’t pay as much attention during the girl groups because of B2ST and MBLAQ taking up most of my attention (I don’t have a long attention span lol) and leaving me tired afterwards xD but Homin was awesome too, both of them looked so gorgeous! Rising Sun was sad with just the two of them though… =/

1. Jabbawockeez
2. Countdown + Intro Video
3. B2ST – Soom (Breath)
4. B2ST – Shock
5. B2ST Introductions
6. B2ST – Fiction
7. B2ST – Beautiful
8. Sistar – How Dare You
9. Sistar – Intros
10. Sistar – Ma Boy
11. Sistar – So Cool
12. Sistar – Unknown Song
13. G.Na – Black & White
14. G.Na – Banana
15. G.Na – Intro
16. G.Na – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live [English lyrics rewritten by her] (ft. Junhyung)
17. G.Na – Top Girl
18. MBLAQ – Mona Lisa
19. MBLAQ – Y
20. MBLAQ – Intros
21. MBLAQ – Stay
22. MBLAQ – Oh Yeah!
23. 4minute – Mirror Mirror
24. 4minute – I My Me Mine
25. 4minute – Muzik
26. 4minute – Hot Issue
27. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
28. Brown Eyed Girls – Intros
29. Brown Eyed Girls – Hot Shot
30. Brown Eyed Girls – An Inconvenient Truth
31. Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense
32. TVXQ – Maximum
33. TVXQ – Before U Go
34. TVXQ – Intros
35. TVXQ – Wae
36. TVXQ – Rising Sun ;~;

We waited until about 10 minutes past 8PM, and Jabbawockeez came out 🙂 They did their awesome dancing, but they were in the center of the extended stage so I could only record their backs.

After they were done some very calming music played for several minutes, which kind of annoyed us since it killed the mood lol. Then a 10-minute countdown came up and everyone screamed. I recorded the last second and the introduction video, which was a compilation of kpop group debut years, but the video skipped and missed a few of the earlier artists including H.O.T. I screamed really loud when Suju and SNSD and B2ST and SHINee and MBLAQ came on xD the rest were polite screams I think.

Before the intro video was over I spied Junhyung underneath the screen and the rest of the B2ST members were also waiting for it to end. When other people saw them too they also screamed.

Soom (Breath): When the breathing music started, everyone went even crazier than before if that’s even possible. AWESOME DANCING/CROTCH-GRABBING IN THIS SONG. From my fancam you can see that Hyunseung was a bit awkward-looking dancing during the first chorus though xD Which was surprising since he’s the main dancer of the group. It got much better after that though <3The only person whose name I screamed during all of B2ST’s songs is Yoseob hahaha. You can probably hear it in my videos. And OMG Yoseob’s high note. Plus at 3:15 he looked my way (call me delusional 8D).

Shock: I love this song so much. I love all the songs they performed but this song is special since the English is just hilarious yet it still sounds so good. Doojoon looked our way at 1:58 and Dongwoon at 3:17 in my video =3 I wish Yoseob did too lol. I can’t tell if Junhyung looked anywhere at all because of those stupid sunglasses.

Intros: THEY SO CUTE! Dongwoon talked most of the time since his English is the best and it is really good! Hyunseung did some interactions with a line from MBLAQ’s song LOL (he said “say yeah, say yeah, say yeah yeah yeah” and MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah has “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah” in it). Yoseob almost dropped his water at 1:01 hahaha clumsy baby.

Fiction: I tried to do a fan chant but I forgot to start the names at the beginning and only managed “Lee Kikwang”, “Fiction daebak”, and “so biseuteu” before the singing started, but I couldn’t hear anyone else doing it so yeah >< Yoseob was scanning the crowd in the beginning of the song at 1:36 and smiled 🙂 he’s so adorable! I’m pretty sure Hyunseung did something at 3:13 because there was a round of screaming but I don’t know what since I was recording a Yoseob-focused fancam for this one. See the video for the moments of Yoseob I pointed out~

Beautiful: Hyungseung made the mood even more hyper in the beginning with his words =3 And then in the beginning of the song at 0:46 during Doojoon’s part he pointed straight at the girl a few seats away from me who had a huge sign of his name^^ Okay this happened like 5 times so check my video to see the times I listed^^ But yes I love this song so much since the energy of it makes it great for a live concert. And omg the pointing makes you swoon so much ❤ But we were so sad when they left ;~;

How Dare You: I didn’t record this song since I didn’t know it that well (it’s not in my iPod lol) and I wasn’t fast enough for their intros either 😦 but Dasom’s English is so pretty^^

Ma Boy: I love this song so much! But they were in the center extended stage so I only got their backs :X so of course no one looked this way T-T They just looked really cold during the whole performance even though they didn’t act like it because they were wearing that thin-looking dress xD But pretty though!

So Cool: I didn’t like this song at first when it came out because I thought the MV was racy but the song itself is good. Especially with Hyorin’s powerful vocals 😀 I still cannot understand how she can sing like that! I did a Dasom focus for this song because she so pretty I love her lol ❤

They did a song I didn’t know after that so I have nothing to say xD


MBLAQQQQQQQQQQ! I think this was their first time in the US, but correct me if I’m wrong~ The boys are so adorable! I think I enjoyed their performances more than B2ST’s even, since most of their songs have this epic feeling to them lol. They did a lot of fan service but I didn’t get most of it on camera because I focused on three members in three of the songs >< Also when I scream I always end up pointing the camera lens down so I don’t get their faces anymore xD Bad habit!

Mona Lisa: They first did a little dance break before Mona Lisa, which I didn’t record but instead pasted my second day’s fancam of it onto the first day’s Mona Lisa one xD My focus was Mir first since he was my original bias, but I was so happy to have caught Seungho looking my way when he was singing at 2:39 OMGGGG he’s my bias nao. His eyes flitted  away though so I have no idea if he saw me or was just looking in the direction >< Oh and Mir also looked at me at 2:13^^ Or just in my general direction since you never know haha. Definitely at 2:28 though.

Intros: Their English are so pro! I can understand everything and the pronuncation was good 😀 Thunder sounded pretty well-versed in English hahaha. Everyone said at least two sentences, which was nice^^ I screamed “Seungho oppa” so much during it xD

Y: This song hurt my ears because the basses were right next to me next to the stage >< And this was apparent in most songs with strong bass since you can hear it beating against my camera’s microphone… It was also REALLY LOUD. lol. Seungho focus for this one^^ I think MGM messed up on the lights since it was dark for almost the entire part of Joon’s first verse D: so my fancam wasn’t very clear due to that in the beginning.

Stay: =D Another song I actually know lmfao. I love this songgggg. Probably my second favorite after Mona Lisa from this night. I love the dance for the “oh baby stay with me” part~ AND THEN JOON SERENADED US DURING HIS BRIDGE AT 2:00^^ AND MADE A GRABBY HAND TOWARDS US! LOL I SUCK I MOVED MY CAMERA AGAIN! Seungho’s singing is such eargasm. For me at least =P Seungho came to the right for his “oh baby stay with me” part but again my camera skills -_-

Oh Yeah!: Thunder pumped everyone up by telling us to stand up and sing the “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah” parts with them 😀 I had never heard this song before (I passed by it when looking for possible songs they might sing but decided it was too old…) so I totally chanted it wrong at parts, but the whole place’s energy level was up because of this interaction so it was awesome^^

4Minute + Brown Eyed Girls

I don’t remember anything since I decided to finish this way too late o_o

I was much closer this time than in SMTown New York so I got really good fancams of their performances, and it was easier to record a two-people group than the previous ones I recorded~ Not that I’m happy there’s only 2 of them.

It was sad when the end came =/ I didn’t even notice what they were singing the first day because I was too busy trying to catch B2ST’s attention (since they were basically right in front of me on the right side of the stage) and failed x( I should have brought a fansign the first day too. The artists went to the middle stage in the middle of the song and didn’t come back until the end, during which Doojoon waved a towel he got a little bit before towards the girls next to me again^^ He’s so nice to us~ I failed to get Yoseob’s or Seungho’s attention which made the ending for first day not that good for me…

I did go wait by the elevators where the artists go up to their penthouses, but nothing much happened except a GaIn and Hyunseung sighting (see artist sightings post).

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