20111125 KPop Masters Red Carpet Fan Account

For the rest, see artist sightings and concert day 1.

We got to the red carpet at about 3PM, and by then the Friday section of people was already quite crowded (maybe three rows of people already and there was no way we could see over any of them since we are both short), so we decided to go eat and rest back at the hotel. Around 6PM we went back to the red carpet and all the way to the far right side where there were less people, but it was quite far from the red carpet and the press was standing in front of the red carpet so even the fans in front couldn’t see much :/ The viewing area was divided between Friday ticket holders and Saturday ticket holders, which basically screwed over people who only had the Saturday ticket because it’s completely blocked by the Friday section. If we didn’t go to the airport we might have gotten a good spot, but then again, 4-5 hours of waiting is not cool.

The celebrities began to arrive, starting with the Jabbawockeez (who opened the show that day). Each group would stop three times on the red carpet, once on the far left, once in the middle, and once on the right, so most of my cams are only when they’re on the right since I couldn’t record through the press.
The MCs kept asking the artists who designed their clothes, and we were all like OTL since it wasn’t a good question to ask…

The first group was 4minute, and they were wearing gorgeous, bright red blazers/shorts, which they also wore during day 1 of the concert.

Second came G.Na. I loved her hair and her dress during the red carpet event, but they both got progressively worse on day 1 and day 2 of the concerts lol. Her hair on the second day idek.

Third was Brown Eyed Girls. I loved their sexy outfits 😀 Except I couldn’t see very well at the time since I was recording over my head, so I only realized they were wearing their concert outfits after I got home and watched my fancam haha. Starting from BEG the MC let artists walk around the press so the fans could see them clearly, but it didn’t really help my area since we were technically outside the ticketed boundaries lol.

Fourth was the first guy group to arrive, MBLAQ, and the girls went CRAZY. They wore the same outfits as they did both days of the concert. I was so frustrated since I couldn’t see them but I did get a peek of Seungho even when he was on the far left of the red carpet 😀 So pretty! I loved his hair ehehe. My bias

Then it was Sistar! They were also waring the same sparkly dresses as both concert days, and it looked cold to me lol. Dasom is so pretty

AND THEN, OMFG BISEUTEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Everyone went cray cray. THEY ARE SO FREAKING GORGEOUS AND PRETTY IN REAL LIFE!!!! I THINK THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME SEEING THEM IN REAL LIFE, THE RED CARPET I MEAN. DAMN. IF ONLY I WENT TO THE RIGHT TERMINAL AT THE AIRPORT ;A; They were wearing their concert day 2 outfits, which I think is funny lol. I think Doojoon took the troll doll from American Kpop Fans at the end LMAO. He was such a cute leader, making those gestures hehehe. My view of Yoseob wasn’t good though, which is sad since I stan him so hard. But there was a wonderful moment later that should be in my “Artist Sightings” post.

Um, so, I left after B2ST because my friend Yoona wanted to go back to her hotel and get her gift for Yoseob, but I lost them and couldn’t find my way back so I ended up missing TVXQ on the red carpet AND not getting into the venue very early… When I found my way back from being lost I ended up as one of the last few people in line from the red carpet to go inside lol. /slaps self But from pictures I saw on americankpopfans.com it looks like they coordinated their outfit – Changmin wore a red suit and black shoes while Yunho wore a black suit and red shoes. JUST TOO ADORABLE.

1. The MCs kept asking the artists what they were wearing and who designed their clothes, and we were all like OTL since it wasn’t a good question to ask… Brown Eyed Girls said they designed their own outfits and Yoona just said to me “they don’t know who the designers were so they just said themselves” lol.

2. There was a really loud girl a few people to the right of me, and she kept screaming about a poster and shirt and a little boy who was a KPMA staff member finally came over and gave three to her and her friends because she yelled “LITTLE BOY GIVE ME A POSTER” lmfao. The female MC thought she was waving when the girl was yelling about the shirt so she smiled and waved back HAHAHAHA, then the girl was like “I’M NOT WAVING AT YOU GIVE ME A SHIRT DANGIT” You can probably hear her in my cams.

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