KPop Masters Artist Sightings

For the rest, see red carpet and concert day 1.

So this is really late, but I did write it so I’ll post it here (it took me almost a month of finish my whole fan account…)

Before I start, let me describe the layout of the elevators by which we were waiting. It was a circular area, with a fountain in the middle and three paths leading out from it like three spokes of a wheel, in between which there are three sets of elevators. The artists would transfer between the two sets of elevators next to the path with the gift shop, and could walk in from any of the three paths but mainly the one with the gift shop since it leads to the MGM lobby and also the Strip.

Friday night I went to the elevators where the artists go up to their penthouses, and was waiting patiently for Yoseob to come out. He didn’t, but apparently B2ST’s Hyunseung came down one set of elevators and went up another and almost no one noticed. He came out with a few guys, and three or four girls chased after him, which caused more to congregate around him, and I followed along too, not knowing who it was. Only after he entered the other elevator did someone say that it was Hyunseung XD DAEBAK!DISGUISE. I think he was wearing sunglasses and a beanie.

An hour or so later, Brown Eyed Girls’ GaIn came out of the elevators with two guys in front of her, and she looks so gorgeous and small! She was wearing a cardigan (I think but don’t remember completely since I have no picture or video) but it looked more like a blanket on her skinny frame xD She was covering her face so she probably didn’t want to be recorded or pictures taken. We were all like “Hi Ga In!” but she didn’t really respond. I just looked at her and went awwwwwwwwww she so cute.


Saturday morning, around after I ate lunch at the food court in MGM Grand, I was going to go shopping with a friend, and guess what I see around Shibuya (a restaurant not far from the food court and garden arena)? Seven to eight girls in a group/line. I followed their line and saw that it was MBLAQ’s Joon autographing for them, all smiley. I didn’t want to get too close, but was like omfg I have nothing for him to autograph! I saw a few girls get hugs from him =3 And was like, hmm, I’m too scared to go up and ask for a hug. While I was deciding he started walking away lol. I took out my phone too late and only recorded him walking away with a bunch of girls following. A white lady came up and started talking to him and a girl in the group told me later she asked him to call her daughter LOL. AS IF HE UNDERSTANDS. Even if he does understand HE DOESN’T KNOW ENOUGH ENGLISH WOMANG. My friend who didn’t know these KPop stars was totally confused as to where I was the whole time LOL.

Jea & GaIn
Saturday afternoon, after I made the fan signs for Yoseob, Seungho, Taemin, and Changmin, I came out of the hotel and was going to go to the elevators area. Passing by the Starbucks in the food court, I saw a few girls standing 10 meters away and whispering, and turned to see Jea and GaIn and a guy who was possibly their manager (don’t know what he’s supposed to look like) waiting for their coffee. I didn’t want to bother them so I snapped a picture from a a distance, then just walked away.


Saturday after the concert, I quickly went back to my hotel and switched my concert support stuff with my gift for Yoseob and the Fiction and Lucifer albums I brought hoping for possible autographs and hurried to the elevators. There were already quite a few girls there and the first person we saw was Sistar’s Hyorin, coming down to look at stuff at the gift shop by the elevators. She was so smiley (eye smile *-*) and nice and waved to the fans^^ I felt bad for her though because most of the fangirls just congregated around the gift shop, watching her look at stuff. I would be totally creeped out by that.

Seungho & G.O
WHILE HYORIN WAS SHOPPING, MBLAQ’s Seungho and G.O came out of the elevators and went out the other path that was opposite from the one Hyorin went. As a result, almost NO ONE noticed them. As soon as I saw a few girls congregating at the entrance of the elevators, I ran up and saw Seungho and G.O’s backs of the heads. They’re so sneaky! Lol. But it’s okay since I got to see them coming back 🙂 What I wouldn’t give to talk to Seungho though. One on one. LOL /dreaming. So almost no one even knew Seungho and G.O were out and about until the few of us who saw told them.

Yoseob & Dongwoon (i.e. best encounter of life so far)
NOW COMES THE GOOD PART. OMFG. So one of my friends predicted that Yoseob would come by the elevators tonight because he didn’t come out the previous night, and he was TOTALLY RIGHT. Around 1AM, I was standing by the fountain in the middle so I was elevated enough to see above all the people, and these girls in front of the path by the gift shop started screaming. I looked that way and saw Dongwoon and Yoseob walking back. Without a second thought, I made a beeline around the fountain and to the area in front of the elevators I thought they were going to take. I WAS RIGHT AND THEY CAME STRAIGHT IN THIS DIRECTION. THERE WERE NO ONE BLOCKING ME SINCE ALL THE FANGIRLS WERE HELD BACK BY EITHER OTHER FANGIRLS OR THEIR MANAGER I’D GUESS. So I cut in between Dongwoon (SORRY!) and Yoseob, and went “YOSEOB!” and quickly handed him my gift =3 He was probably surprised, and also holding food and a drink in his hands, so he shifted his hand to make space for the gift =D MY MISSION SUCCESSFUL! I ran away really quickly after I handed it to him so I don’t even know if he said thank you or not. I didn’t want to be in the way or be at the mercy of the manager xD My legs were totally jelly for at least 10 minutes after that though.

My gift:

Later I watched someone’s fancam of them leaving the hotel to the airport and I think he was using my luggage tag ;A; if anyone can verify that for me I’d be so happy.

After I’ve calmed down (thankfully), I moved myself again to the middle next to the fountain to wait, since I was pretty sure the rest of B2ST is also coming back from eating. Hyunseung came back 10 or 20 minutes after Yoseob and Dongwoon did (not exactly sure on the time since that night was a blur). I didn’t even see clearly who it was because he was immediately swarmed by fangirls (there seemed to have been more since they were probably notified somehow) and my fancam only had people’s heads in it, you couldn’t even tell which one was him. I thought it was Junhyung since he was wearing square-rimmed glasses, and only found out who it really was after talking to a few friends who had given him chocolate before he reached the swarm. I heard he was blocking his face since his eyes are sensitive to light from the camera flashes =/ I felt really bad for him. This was my second sighting and I still didn’t see him clearly xD

A little after that, I had moved next to the third hallway leading to the area that no artists had come through, since I was still recovering from all that excitement. Who else to strut towards us than G.NA herself, looking confused as she was definitely not going towards the correct set of elevators. Her manager steered away before she could reach us, but I did get a good look at her. G.NA has gorgeous legs and she looks really small too even though I think she’s pretty tall. Probably just because she’s so skinny.

Seungho & G.O again
So now we were just waiting for 2Jun to return, but before they came back we were met with MBLAQ’s Seungho and G.O coming back from shopping. I had moved to the corner of the hallway coming in from the casino, between the two elevator areas, so as to be the first to spot artists returning. But it was my friend who noticed and alerted me when these two boys came back. Seungho was wearing big square-rim glasses (so adorable!) and G.O looked as poker-faced as ever lmao. I had the flash off on my phone for recording so that they wouldn’t be uncomfortable, so my fancam isn’t as clear as it would be with flash. Their manager was in front of them to protect them from fangirls, but he was nice and didn’t push anyone (unlike someone who did later but that’s later) but I was able to see their faces clearly, although not record clearly due to my phone’s camera quality. I kept calling Seungho’s name and waved and he waved back, which I didn’t get on camera since he was too close at that point xD then I realized from my fancam and my friend telling me that there was a girl touching his back like she was caressing it HAHAHAHA. How scary.

Doojoon & Junhyung
Last but not least, 2Jun returned a little after 2AM (again, not sure on the time). We had all been waiting for a while and were tired, so I wasn’t paying attention and it was my friend again who alerted me x) I started recording right before the fangirls started screaming, and Doojoon made a shhhh sign to calm them down (but my video skipped at that point =/). And they came right towards me, which I didn’t expect since the previous three all went up the left elevators. I was probably blocking their way to the right elevators, so the manager pushed me away really hard xD at the time I was pissed but after I calmed down I’m not mad since he was trying to protect them. I’ve heard of managers being mean a long time ago in other Asian countries too so it wasn’t that unexpected. Doojoon was cute and nice and Junhyung was expressionless behind his sunglasses (which he never took off the whole time in Vegas lmao).

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