[Fan Account] 120520 SMTown Live in Anaheim

My fancam playlist: link

The morning of the 20th I woke up too late and SHINee and EXO had already left. We went to a loading dock behind the hotel where artists seemed to have been picked up but were kicked out by security who threatened to call the cops. Not much events after that. I went to the Koreaboo meetup to pick up Code EXO and SJ-World stuff. There was a huge line and luckily I had a VIP ticket that I was selling at the meetup so it gave me priority access because rehearsals were soon. We had problems when picking up actual tickets at Honda Center so we didn’t make rehearsals but could heard EXO and f(x) and SHINee rehearse from outside. Very luckily I was able to buy last minute front row floor tickets in 106. But when we went in I found out We were only ones in that row who had ticket…even though ticket rep said that was only seat in front row…

Concert started about on time. First MCs Tiffany Leeteuk Taeyeon came on and talked, Tiffany basically as translator. I was scared so I didn’t take pictures or record until I saw others hiding cameras behind signs to do it a few songs into concert.

1. SHINee – Lucifer
Taemin and Jonghyun walked right past us to go on middle stage. I was like wah! They performed a remix version and the middle stage rose up and down which was pointless for us, just make it harder for me to see them. Lip sync I think. Liked taemin’s pointy outfit haha, very joker like. I stared at taemin basically but a little of key and jjong too. Stayed on middle stage whole time, not sure if water sprayed, forgot. Earlier second row warned us that happened during rehearsals.

2. SHINee – Amigo
They went straight to Amigo. The members moved around stages, very hyper. I followed Taemin physically and with my eyes whenever I could. Normally I like Key more but his hair wasnt exactly great, and Jjong’s eyeliner was very eye grabbing so I looked at him a lot; he came to center stage often, except his expressions are always so fierce and dinosaur-y lmfao. Either during Lucifer or Amigo at the ending pose Taemin tripped and smiled to himself.

3. SHINee – Juliette
Everyone went back to main stage and danced there, which was bad for me since 106 isn’t that close and guards prevented us from going past our section, so I could only either watch screen or look between two sound boxes (I recorded between these later). The boys went off stage from our side again and I was like yay.

4. Super Junior – Superman
Next is the group I wanted to see the most, Suju. They started with Superman at the main stage and moved to the middle, with water shooting up around them. I was so happy to see them so clearly and up close since my view is better than SMTown NY, plus I didn’t expect this song to be performed (I actually struck this song out along with another 2 suju songs as possibilities). While running from the end stage to the middle stage Eunhyuk bumped into someone’s shoulder pretty hard but I don’t remember who it was (check others’ fancams). It might have been in Don’t Don instead.

5. Super Junior – Don’t Don Rock Remix
They started this in the middle stage in front of us, and Kyuhyun went off the stage soon after the song started, looking unwell 😦 Not many people noticed from my section but I saw him go to the left extended stage and sit under the stairs leading up to the stage; later a staff member brought him water and escorted him off. He didn’t come back on for the other suju song this round. Everyone had a lot of energy so I loved it hehe. Sungmin was so forceful XD At least his black hair didn’t take away from his manliness like the ginger did.

6. TVXQ Medley – Way U Are / Mirotic
Couldn’t see very well for any of the Homin songs since they did everything on the main stage… But I could hear clearly and Changmin hit his high notes damn well. First half was Way U Are, second was Mirotic. Again, sad to see two perform what’s meant for five. Where does Changmin get that throat lol?

I don’t remember much for the rest… Here’s the setlist though.

7. Super Junior – Bonamana Rock Remix
I really liked this rock remix version of the song. When Sungmin went to the left extended stage I chased him there trying to get some attention but it didn’t work; at the same time my friend stayed near the middle stage corner where Donghae was and got a smile from him ;~; Maybe I should have stayed there.

8. f(x) – Hot Summer

9. f(x) – Nu ABO

10. Taeyeon (SNSD) – Devil’s Cry
I was very surprised that Taeyeon did a solo performance, since SM never does solos for SMTown concerts. But it was awesome and she hit those notes great 😀 Her outfit was beautiful too.

11. SNSD – Run Devil Run
They wore the same outfit as they did in SMTown NY except this time they performed on the middle stage and I could see their beauty up close =]

During Girls’ Generation’s intros I could not hear much due to screaming, especially loud for Sunny and Hyoyeon 🙂 Of course Tiffany did most of the talking and Jessica a little too.

13. SNSD – Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) Rock Remix

14. SNSD – Kissing You
Taeyeon came onto the center stage by herself and I got a pretty clear close-up fancam of her during the ending part.

15. SHINee – The SHINee World

Also couldn’t hear much during SHINee’s introductions, and Key didn’t really speak that much English ):

16. SHINee – Love Like Oxygen

17. Super Junior ft. f(x) – Oops
Totally did not expect this song and was pleasantly surprised by it.

18. Luna (f(x)) & Onew (SHINee) – Can I Have This Dance
I had no idea what the song was, just that they were singing in English. Later I found out it’s from High School Musical 3. Apparently Luna forgot her lines in the middle but she faced it with a smile~

19. Jessica (SNSD) & Krystal (f(x)) – California Gurls
I don’t particularly like the song choice but their outfits were cute.

20. Changmin (TVXQ) & Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – Just The Way You Are (ft. fan)
This is a perfect song for the two vocalists. I was surprised by the fan feature. Kyuhyun was nice and let the girl go with Changmin (she likes him), even taking the chair with him when they were leaving lol.

21. Eunhae (Super Junior) – Oppa Oppa
So happy that they did this song, one that you would normally only hear during Super Show 4 stops 😀 Eunhyuk did his “I say Myeolchi you say oppa” part but Donghae changed his to “I say Eunhae you say oppa” hehe.

22. EXO – History (China showcase version)
When EXO’s intro video started playing the place went WILD. The screams continued well into the song. I like that they did the China showcase version for History since I like the Chinese rap in it. They were performing on the main stage though, so I didn’t get to see much and was only able to record between two boxes on the stage since I was too short D: My “艺兴棒” sign was rendered useless…

After the song they did introductions, and I didn’t hear that well but from other fan accounts apparently Kris said “I could have translated, but oh well” when it came to his turn LOL.

23. EXO – MAMA (Korea Showcase Version)
D.O was so fierce during his first solo line, it was a complete 180 from seeing him the day before all wide-eyed and harmless looking. Everyone had great energy so it was an awesome performance. I wished they didn’t lip sync both songs though.

24. TaeTiSeo (SNSD sub-unit) – Twinkle
I expected this song so it was no surprise. Their stage outfits were very cute!

25. Amber (f(x)) & Key (SHINee) & Kris (EXO) – Like A G6
When I heard Amber sing the first line to Like A G6, I was like wtf? lol, totally surprised. Soon after I heard loud screams in one section to my left and felt a spotlight go there, and knew there was someone coming from there again like Eunhyuk did in SMTown NY. It was Kris. I didn’t get to record him well (my camera couldn’t find his blond head) T-T But when they all went on stage my recording became better since they all stayed in the middle stage for a while 😀 Kris’s dancing is a bit awkward but his swag is still there. How can you not have swag with that face? Key was fierce in his rapping as usual. Amber is so cool! To hold be able to her own among two hot guys and good rappers is no easy feat.

26. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Remix
Sorry Sorry stayed on the main stage. I wasn’t able to see my babies very clearly ;A;

During the introductions everyone introduced themselves in English and Yesung had to be the odd one again (but I didn’t hear him). Leeteuk was funny about his, just watch to find out =]

27. Super Junior – A-Cha

Another song I didn’t expect. Suju gave me so many nice surprises at this SMTown that they made me the happiest =D Not to mention they’re the biggest reason I go to these things (considering how much they cost for me). I wish Kyuhyun looked my way and saw my “Prince규” sign though. Leeteuk smiled when the song started and Kyu sang the first line because of the screams 🙂

28. TVXQ – Maximum

29. TVXQ – Wae

30. BoA – Look Who’s Talking Now

31. BoA – Energetic

32. BoA ft. Kris (EXO) & Key (SHINee) – One Dream
Originally the first rap part belonged to Henry, who wasn’t able to attend this SMTown concert due to filming in Thailand, so Kris took over. It was the first time I heard him rap in Korean, and I really hope I find a good fancam of it because I tend to forget what happened a few days after each concert…

33. BoA ft. Key (SHINee) – I Did It For Love

34. BoA – Hurricane Venus

35. SNSD – Himnae / Way To Go!
They changed into the white shirts and dark blue jeans for this song and the next =]

36. SNSD – Gee

37. Super Junior – Dancing Out
A fun song full of energy! They were just running around everywhere. While Sungmin was running back to the center stage from the side extended stage Shindong pretended to want to do a high five with him and missed on purpose kekeke.

38. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong Remix

39. f(x) – Danger

40. SNSD – The Boys (English)

41. Super Junior – Mr. Simple Remix
They wore the jackets with LED lights like they did in SS4! (Or another performance if I got it wrong) It didn’t really serve the purpose since the stage lights shone really bright when the LED was illuminated LOL. After the song was over they turned the lights off (seemed like there were on-off switches at the neck area). I’m sure those jackets were not light from how they looked.

42. TVXQ – Rising Sun Remix
This song was performed in full this time. TVXQ definitely knows how to grab the audience’s attention and heat up the stage, and their already charismatic stage presence is amplified by years of experience. Again, I feel like every song of theirs has a high note for Changmin to hit and he did it beautifully again. My bias! Sorry I feel nothing for Yunho so I usually don’t mention him in fan accounts unless he does something that stands out.

43. Ending / SMTown – Hope
I was so dumb. Since security had warned me so many times I was afraid to use my camera and got absolutely nothing from the ending aside from two pretty blurry Polaroid photos… I should have realized that they wouldn’t care about pictures/videos at the ending…

So the artists all came out onto the main stage first, and the song started with Kyuhyun and Onew singing the first line and walking towards the end stage like last year. Everyone did the same in pairs, but no one stopped at the middle stage 😦 As Kris walked with some other EXO members towards the end stage I caught sight of him either dropping a Whaddup Kris sign accidentally or just throwing it into the crowd.They all went straight to the end stage and stayed there for the duration of the song…

At the end they did a bow and started walking back to the main stage. I was staring up, hoping to get someone to look at me and waving with a Polaroid camera in my hand (but the stage was too far for anyone to take it and there was no time for any pictures). Sunny looked at me and smiled. A little bit later Tiffany, who was really nice and kept her eyes on the 104/106 sections smiled and waved at me. I was just constantly waving, hoping to get someone’s attention lol. But the people I wanted to get reactions out of didn’t respond 😦 I was holding up my “Prince규” sign the whole time but he never looked at the floor sections when he passed by T-T

Anyways, after all the artists returned to the main stage, a few of them (mostly Suju) came running to the end stages to make heart signs with their arms, copying what Leeteuk did in SMTown NY. Of course Leeteuk did it too. He went to the ends of all the extended stages, made a heart at each one, and bowed at each one. Such a nice leader. I don’t remember who else did it but I was trying to take a Polaroid of him when he was on the left extended stage and failed =[ After most of the artists left a few guys (mostly Suju, I only remember Eunhyuk) took off their shirts and threw them into the crowd. Leeteuk did this last, and walked to the center stage holding his shirt. He took quite a while (a minute or two) to sort out the shirt nicely, and ended up throwing it to a tall male SONE in 104. =_= at least throw it to someone who’s holding up a blue lightstick or a SJ-World towel, dude. After he left, it was over.

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  1. BaekMegga says:

    excuse me. what cameras did you guys bring? You said there were many fans brought their cameras, right? ^^ just asking.

    Twitter: @exoexoo n___n

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